Minnie Mouse Costumes

Be the Minnie to someone’s Mickey Mouse this year with licensed Minnie Mouse costumes for women and children. Minnie the fun and playful lady counterpart to Disney’s face Mickey Mouse (formerly known as Mortimer Mouse.) The two have been married for decades and you’ll want a love that lasts as long as theirs in these great Minnie costumes. This spunky mouse is known for her red, white, and black costume as well as her trademark red and white polka dots. Any of our variations of Minnie will make this a fun and cute option for anyone this year.

These Minnie Mouse costumes are perfect for your baby’s first Halloween. Infants, toddlers, and girls can choose from classic Minnie, cheerleader Minnie, or pink Minnie if they love to add pink to every outfit. Women can choose from classic Minnie, Mistress Mouse, or Sexy Minnie for a provocative spin on the famous mascot. Minnie mouse ear headbands and hats complete any do it yourself look for a timeless Disney feel. Make some magic this year as Minnie Mouse in any of our costumes and accessories.

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