Girls Monsters

Your daughter will put the boo in boo-tiful while dressed up in one of these girl's monster costumes this Halloween. Who knew the creature living under your bed was so cute! This assortment of ensembles is full of fuzzy characters that are far from scary yet unmistakably Monster's thanks to their clawed hands, horns and sharp teeth. From kids to tweens and tutus to dresses, there's something for everyone in this amazing collection.

Each of these creatures has their own unique features, but all are equally as adorable making it that much harder for your child to choose. Some have 1 eye while others have 2, there are some with striped or polka dot fur and they all have a different color schemes guaranteeing your little girl will find her favorite shades. Most of these selections come with multiple pieces that can be combined together to create an amazing costume. Options include dresses, tutu's and tops, even full jumpsuits, all of which come with a connected hood or matching hat adorned with the Monster's face. Other than fuzzy critters, your daughter can also choose from classic kids Halloween costume characters like Frankenstein or monster-animal hybrids if she's looking for something that resembles all of her favorite fairytale legends. In order to replicate many of the looks seen here, you can purchase a pair of color coordinated leg warmers, tights, gloves and makeup from the Accessories page of our site. Combine all of these items and your little girl will have the most scare-tastic outfit in the neighborhood!

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