Naitivity Costumes

With Christmas coming around quicker and quicker every year, you want to prepare for the tradition and true meaning of Christmas. The Nativity Costumes feature several of the important individuals present that night of miracles. We have the products needed for you to build your very own production of this important event in the Christmas holiday.

Our adult outfits are impressive and authentic-looking, featuring head coverings and long robes that were typical in the early first century A.D. Men may dress up as Joseph, one of the wise men, or the shepherd who led his flock toward Bethlehem. And women can take on the important role of Mary or add an extra individual into the event by choosing from our several women's outfits.

It is important that children learn that Christmas is more than lights and presents, so we also include styles for them to wear. These outfits are tinier versions of the adult costumes, so they're just as authentic and comfortable. Putting on a play about the nativity scene will open their eyes to the true meaning behind Christmas. It will certainly be an educational and enlightening event for them and everyone in the community.

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