Nightmare on Elm Street Costumes

The insidious trickster who tortures people's nightmares is a terror because he attacks you when you're most vulnerable. The Freddy Krueger Costumes are a collection of some of the most affordable and detailed outfits and accessories for this horror film franchise. No matter what your level of devotion, there's something for you to find here to wear for Halloween or to just scare your friends and family.

One of the most popular items are the Freddy Krueger masks available. Makeup work to achieve the kind of gruesome skin details on Freddy's face would be an all-day affair, so our masks provide you with the scariness you seek. The burns are gross and detailed, just the way you'd expect. Also popular is the iconic finger knife glove this character uses to kill his victims, and we have a few realistic-looking replicas to suit your purposes.Costumes come in both male and female versions. No one should be left out from the opportunity to haunt dreams, and the costumes for both genders feature that red and green sweater that is incredibly tacky and haunting. You'll love how evil you look when wearing these outfits.

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