Nun Costumes

Holy moly, we have a lot of nun costumes! These costumes are the answers to your prayers and the prices are like a gift from the big man upstairs. We have an assortment that ranges from traditional to sexy. A Sister wears a robe called a habit that comes with a headpiece. The main difference between a true habit and your nun costume all boils down to the person wearing it. Obviously, if you are wearing nun Halloween costumes then your devotion is not to God but to being the life of the party.

With names like Sinister Sindy and Bad Habit, you might expect that these nun costumes are sexy. You would be right. Sexy priestess costumes bring worshiping your body to a completely new level. The black habit has been shrunken so it fits like a skin tight mini dress. Go ahead and wear these costumes but make sure you say an Our Father and three Hail Mary's before bed; a whole rosary if you committed a lustful act.

Nun costumes make a sinful couple's costume when paired with a priest. If you ever went to Catholic school there was always a priest and a nun who seemed especially close. Wear a couple's costume and let the rumor mill spin. You can even claim immaculate conception and go to the party dressed as a pregnant mother superior!

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