Patriotic Accessories

Four score and seven years ago your forefathers wore the garb that would make awesome costumes that we wear today. Whether its a fourth of July celebration or you need to look the part for that Civil War reenactment, historic/patriotic accessories will have you glad to be an American.

Put on a straight or curly afro American flag wig and embrace your native land. Historic/patriotic accessories let everyone know that you don't fool around when it comes to a salute. Stand up tall and hold up Lady Liberty's glowing torch as the first pilgrims commence to have Thanksgiving. And no pilgrim or colonial soldier plays their part without big brass shoe buckles. Unsheathe your Civil War sword get ready for a fierce battle. Decorate the balcony with a pleated, full fan in red and blue with white stars just like colonial flags for when Abe Lincoln delivers his speech, and with his infamous beard on so you know he's the real thing. All the townspeople will don their early American jabot and cuff set with a giant feather plume sticking out from their tricorner hats. For anything patriotic you may want or need to display your patriotism there are vests, bowties, shades, and even an Uncle Sam kit to get you on your way

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