Peter Pan

If you are a child who has never grown up, then you should wear a Peter Pan costume this Halloween. Our choices include Peter Pan outfits for children, toddlers, men and women. You can dress as this mischievous boy, his friend Tinker Bell or nemesis Captain Hook. We even have sexy Tinker Bell and Pater Pan garb for women and a humorous pregnant Tinker Bell outfit for men. Accessories include hats, elf ears and wings.

Peter Pan is a character created by J.M. Barrie more than 100 years ago. The most famous of the Pan stories is about Wendy Darling and her brothers. Each night Peter Pan flies out of Neverland to London so that he can hear bedtime stories being read to the Darling children. One night when he is trying to retrieve his lost shadow from the Darlings' home, he meets Wendy. Peter invites Wendy back to Neverland to be the mother to his gang, the Lost Boys. With the help of some pixie dust, Wendy and her brothers fly to the enchanted Neverland.

The children experience a number of adventures, including the rescue of Indian princess Tiger Lily, before they get homesick. But before they can fly back to London, the Darlings are kidnapped by Captain Hook and Peter must rescue them. The most famous adaptation of the story is Disney's 1953 animated film and several of our selections are licensed Disney costumes.

Everyone wishes sometimes that their childhood should last forever. Extend your childhood a bit this Halloween when you put on one of our Peter Pan costumes.

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