Pimp Costumes

Be the richest guy or girl at the party this year (or make everyone think you are) with pimp costumes and accessories for adults. Being a pimp is a popular choice for a costume because it’s something people normally wouldn’t do in real life, but it looks glamorous in movies and TV shows. Wearing suits, carrying a cane, and having a pretty girl on your arm are just some of the perks when you have this job. Let us help you out with different suits and accessories for the inner pimp inside of you.

We have tons of suits that men can choose from to meet their pimpin’ personality. Mac Daddy provides a classic pimp look while Slip Sliden Pimp provides a look that’s a blast from the past. Women can join in on the pimp look with the Sexy Zebra Print Adult Deluxe Costume and Sexy Flashy Pimp Deluxe costume. All the great pimps can finish their look with top hats, fake money, gold chains, and a cane. Once they see you roll up to the next event, everyone will know exactly who you are.

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