Mens Pimps Costumes

Show off a flashy and confident style with this exciting variety of Men's Pimp Costumes. These outfits recreate the looks worn by street kings and rap personalities. Embrace your smooth-talking self with any of these fun looks.

shady pushers are known for these loud clothes, big hair and funky mannerisms. Their styles feature all the pomp and swagger characteristic of the 1970's and 80's. During this wild era, funk heavyweights like Rick James, Funkadelic and Prince dazzled the world with their outrageous flair. Much of their classic look was inspired by these colorful entertainers. Now you can rock some hood royalty chic with any of these authentic pimp Halloween costumes. You will definitely be the best dressed when you show up in any of these bold outfits. These styles feature all the hallmarks of pimp chic. These include big hats, large fur coats, bling, canes, 'hater blocker' sunglasses and chalices. You'll find all of these essential elements in this selection. Featured outfits include the Big Daddy, the Super Mac Daddy, the gold Hustlah and the Slip Sliden Pimp. These sets are an easy way to put some cut in your strut and some glide in your stride. Get ready to make a statement with any of these awesome looks.

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