Men's Pirate Costumes

Argh! Avast ye matey! Bring some salty old swagger to your upcoming Halloween festivities with this grand selection of men's pirate costumes. Each of these assorted costumes features a unique spin on the classic raider look. Whether you're looking to become a fierce marauder captain, an old sea ghost, a crusty sea dog or a devilishly handsome swashbuckler, you'll have no problem finding just what you need. Feel free to mix and match: you'll be the spitting image of Calico Jack!

You'll be looking sharp in a swashbuckling style when you choose from any of these awesome pirate Halloween costumes (although they are also great for festivals such as Gasparilla). Both feared and respected, sea dogs were the wildest outlaws of the time. These iconic figures were famous for ransacking ships and burying treasure. These fearsome looters inspired terror every time their infamous black flag was flown. Over the years, the legend of these swashbuckling rogues has only grown! Throughout this selection, you'll find all varieties of ruffled shirts, massive swords, three point hats and sea-aged threads.

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