Women's Pirate Costumes

Become a buccaneer beauty this Halloween when you wear one of these women's pirate costumes! Landlubbers look elsewhere; this is an assortment of ensembles for only the finest of seafarers! The choices that pirates made when it came to fashion mimicked their lifestyle - that is to say there weren't many rules. When it came to their clothing conventions this group was known for wearing bright, mismatched colors.

These swashbuckling scalawags were especially partial to crimson, a shade that had previously only been worn by members of the upper class. Other common styles among this group were peasant tops with puffed sleeves, corsets, waistcoats, breeches, bandannas, and, of course, tri-cornered hats! These raiders of the sea are remembered for their buried treasure which was filled to the brim with golden doubloons, their skulls with crossbones, and their accessories! Add authenticity to any swashbuckling look when you include gold hoop earrings, bracelets, boots, a belt buckle, fancy buttons, and a sword! Their collection of contraband allowed them to embellish their outfits with ease.

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