Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes

With four films and counting, you are sure to be a fan of one, if not all, of the movies under the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Take inspiration from these great adventure movies and dress in one of our many Pirates of the Caribbean Costumes we carry this year for Halloween. Pirates, in general, are fun characters to dress as, but none are more fun than these pirates. Brought to life by Johnny Depp, Captain Jack Sparrow is eccentric and crafty. His wit and reasoning get him out of high-stakes situations, which makes him a more unique pirate than most. He is still daring, though, which makes him the perfect pirate to portray, but any of the other characters, such as Black Beard or feisty Angelica, are special in their own right to this series. Steal away one of our great looks, and you will be ready for a night full of epic good times!

We have a large collection of Jack Sparrow costumes to satisfy your hunt for the perfect one. There are plenty of choices for this peculiar pirate with attire for boys and men. These looks will include a billowing shirt and belted vest like his. You will also get his signature hair with a braided wig and bandana. Some of these sets even have brown boot covers to give his complete look from top to the very bottom. Women can dress like this cunning pirate too with an outfit that is very similar but made just for them with more feminine details. You really want to make sure everything compares to the authentic Jack Sparrow fashion, though, by adding the accessories set that includes his rings and beaded hair decorations. There are additional wigs and facial hair kits, as well, to be over the top like this captain.

If Jack Sparrow was not your favorite character from the movie or you are simply looking for another character to portray, we have Black Beard and Angelica outfits also. This high seas, swashbuckling father and daughter are allies of Sparrow when they set out to find the Fountain of Youth. Men and boys can look like this dark pirate with Black Beard's trademark black pirate garb that includes a jacket, belt, shoulder strap, and tricorner hat. Complete this look with the Black Beard facial hair kit we carry to make the full transformation. Angelica's look is tough but still pretty enough to attract the attention of Jack Sparrow. We have versions with or without her long burgundy jacket, but they all include her paisley vest, corsetted top, and feather-decorated pirate hat. There is also a sassy Angelica edition for girls.

There is something for everyone who is looking for a Pirates of the Caribbean Costume to wear. You will feel like you found buried treasure when you find the perfect one!

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