Pirates Costumes

Landlubbers beware! The pirate costumes on these pages will make you want to get your sea legs and climb aboard the Halloween Party Ship. With an ocean of choices and accessories from which to choose we make it easy to find the buccaneer outfits you want be categorizing them into infant/toddler, boys, girls, women, men, sexy and plus size. However, to sail through the entire selection we have created this convenient page.

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We have both licensed and non-licensed Pirate costumes so boys and men can dress as Captain Jack Sparrow or Davey Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean or Captain Hook from Peter Pan or you can be an original picaroon using a variety of outfits and accessory pieces to create a terrific ensemble. Women will love the selection of sexy, standard and plus size selections that give you a variety of looks featuring both skirts and pants. Girls can choose from fun ideas like punk pirates and pretty, pink pirate costumes.

Find The Best Pirate Costumes For Kids And Adults

Hope on your pirate ship and set sail with pirate costumes for men, women, and children. Make your enemies walk the plant in these threads that are perfect for anyone with or without a peg leg. Choose your perfect pirate colors – while most go for red, white, and black, brown is also a very popular pick for a pirate. Men, women, children, and toddlers will love to go on the open ocean with these great pirate deals. Kids will enjoy using their imagination as they steal all the treasure (and by that we mean candy) from the neighborhood this Halloween! Of course no pirate costume is complete without an eye patch and sword to fend off their enemies and we offer those sold separately to complete your look, matey!

Shop Our Great Selection Of Pirate Costumes And Accessories

Pirate costumes are perfect for the family who wants to dress up and use their colorful imagination. We offer promiscuous pirate costumes for women or classic pirate costumes for women and men. Don’t have that crazy pirate hair? Men can pick up wigs complete with braids for the ultimate crook look. Accessories such as eye patches, skull necklaces, pirate hooks, and parrots will make your family or just you, lone pirate, the captain of your ship. Just remember your pistol so you can protect yourself from battling ships nearby.

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