PJ Masks

Set your alarm clock for a fun time with these PJ Masks costumes. Fans of the popular animated kid’s show will immediately recognize Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko. These are the main characters of the series and your child will be able to dress exactly like them. The trio of superheroes fight crime, solve mysteries, and go on adventures. The most impressive thing is, they do it all after it is time for bed! They are basically wearing pajamas which then turn into a super suit to complete their missions. Gear up for your own epic night in one of these PJ Masks costumes.

You can receive your very own set of heroic pajamas with our selection of PJ Masks costumes. We offer excellent quality and a couple of different designs too choose from. Plus, everything comes as a best price possible. You will receive a colorful jumpsuit, hooded mask, gloves, and other accessories. They are perfect for girls and boys to show off on Halloween, parties, themed events, and even when it’s time for bed. Take a look at some of our other supplies, props, and clothing to see what else can be added to such amazing pajamas.

These PJ Masks costumes are one thing you won’t get tired of wearing!

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