Plus Size Horror & Gothic Costumes

Halloween is a time for monsters and ghouls, and plenty of people love dressing up in creepy plus size horror Halloween costumes to celebrate the holiday. But the appeal of horror runs deeper than that: many find that experiencing fear when they're not in any actual danger is thrilling, which is why watching scary movies or listening to terrifying tales by a campfire feels so eerily delightful.

Dressing up in macabre ensembles is always a good time, but how can anyone pull off a scary look convincingly if their getup is too tight, too short, or both? It doesn't matter if it's just a Halloween costume, nobody wants to feel uncomfortable in their own skin at a party, and larger people are no exception! It's still a party, after all - and that means socializing, meeting new people and maybe even dancing. It's close to impossible to feel motivated to do these things if you don't feel confident about how you look. Whether you want your Halloween ensemble to appear menacing or stylish, you deserve to look good, and you deserve to have fun! Our plus-sized horror costumes are perfect for people on the larger side. When you put one of these on, you'll know they were crafted to fit a bigger body type, and you'll be amazed at how comfortable you feel. Why shouldn't you feel great flaunting your broad frame or your womanly curves? You have to own it!

Bram Stoker made Vampires popular in fiction. Movies and stories describe their look as we know it, with long black capes, fang teeth and Georgian and Victorian era clothing. From the old world to the modern day, we have all of the outfits, makeup and accessories you want in sizes up to 4X. Dracula is one of the most well known figures in the horror genre and there are several variations. Become one of these Gothic, blood-thirsty undead. For example, check out our selection of Plus Size Gothic-Vampire costumes for Men and Women. The Plus Size Midnight Vamp or Vampiress gown each have the ideal look and they can be accessorized in a number of ways

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