Plus Size Careers Costumes

There's a reason why so many women say, I love a man in uniform - they represent specific kinds of power and can make anyone have more of a bold and commanding presence, and all of those things equate to sexy! However, it's not just ladies that think uniforms are attractive. Most guys will go bananas over a pretty girl in any sexified selection, with classics like nurse, policewoman, schoolgirl and French maid. And yes, most guys will go bananas over a pretty girl no matter what she's wearing (or not wearing), but when you're considering outfit options for a costume party, occupational attire is almost always sure to be a hit.

Of course, looking sexy isn't always the objective - lots of people enjoy looking and feeling alluring, but there are plenty of others that just want something that looks accurate and well-planned. There are occupational options for that crowd, too: ER scrubs, sports uniforms, a mad scientist's labcoat and wild gray hair or even a baggy beige jumpsuit for the Ghostbusters look. Men and women alike have plenty of vocation-related styles to consider, and all of them have the potential to look great!

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