Become the very best, like no one ever was by celebrating your love for Pokémon! Pokémon (or Pocket Monsters) has been a hit phenomena since the '90s with Pokémon Red and Blue, Yellow, Gold and Silver, Ruby and Sapphire, Crystal, Black and White,  Sun and Moon, and more! With hundreds of Pokémon, villains, trainers, and other characters, Pokémon has become a worldwide passion for millions of people. And while games like Pokémon GO have brought that dream closer to reality, people still long to travel to places like Viridian City with a Pikachu by their side. 

Get one step closer to achieving your virtual reality Pokémon goals by dressing up in a Pokémon themed costume for this Halloween. Gear up with Pokémon belts, hats, backpacks, gloves, and other accessories. You can create your own Pokémon Trainer ensemble, or, be casual with a Pokémon dress and Pokémon themed leggings or a shirt. You have many possibilities! Don’t forget you also have the option of dressing up as your favorite Pocket Monster as their adult and child Pokémon outfits! People everyone’s favorite water turtle Squirtle. Sing everyone to sleep with your alluring voice as Jigglypuff! Be cute and stubborn as Eevee. Pal around as a fierce Bulbasaur. Bring the heat and stand out as Charizard. And, spark up the conversation when dressed as Pikachu! Pokémon come in all shapes and sizes with many different powers, but they all affect our imaginations in the best way.

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