Boys Police & Firefighter Costumes

Dress him up as a member of your state's bravest or finest this Halloween with our incredible collection of fire fighter and cop costume for boys. Every one of our occupational costumes are fantastic & we are expanding the category with new items on a regular basis. Purchase one of our boy's police or firefighter outfits and he will be putting out pretend fires all over the backyard.

Boy's fireman and police costumes have realistic details like hats and hand cuffs. Additionally, you will appreciate all the attention to detail such as the proper color of our police uniforms & the reflector trim on our fire fighter uniforms. This year, he will look just like the heroes that you see on the news, but without the real-life work hazards. Policemen and Firemen are like superheroes in the eyes of many people which means our costumes commemorate them even if they are pint sized.

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