Sexy Police/Firefighters Costumes

Dress yourself up as one of the township's bravest or finest this Halloween with our terrific assortment of sexy police & firefighter costumes for women. Every one of our occupational costumes are excellent & we are adding more all the time. Acquire one of these and you will be the most smokin' hot and sizzling woman at the party.

Women's sexy fire and police Halloween costumes have seductive details like hats and handcuffs. And, you will love all the attention to detail such as the proper color of our cop costumes and the reflector fabric on our fire fighter uniforms even if they are short and sexy. This Halloween, you will look like the heroes that you see on the news, but without the real-life work hazards and you'll be a whole lot prettier. You can look gorgeous while paying tribute to these brave men and women.

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