Police Costumes

Cop Costumes are always favorite choices come Halloween time and for good reason. Occupational ensembles are fun and realistic. Cop uniforms are particularly fun because they can lure you into playing a character too and Halloween is always much more fun when you are really in character and not just wearing a costume. Our wide selection of cop outfits has choices for both men and women and boys and girls; browse through our collection and select your favorite today!

Macho guys would love dressing up as an authority figure and kids might enjoy dressing up as an occupation they dream of being when they grow up or because their mom or dad is a cop. For women, we offer a ton of really sexy cop outfits too. Our huge collection ensures that there is something for everyone in this costume genre. We offer cop uniforms in a variety of colors and we have uniforms for different types of law enforcement agents too, such as SWAT and Sheriffs. Women looking for a provocative and eye catching sexy cop outfit have a ton of choices to choose from, all of them amazingly irresistible. Another reason cop outfits are so great is that they can be accessorized to almost no end. We offer fun holsters and utility belts, fake guns, and realistic looking cop hats.

You'll make everyone freeze and put their hands in the air when they see how convincing you look as a police officer and if you're dressed in one of our sexy lady cop outfits, every guy will be dying to get arrested by you. Halloween has enough monsters and ghosts, go out this year as a cop and keep the party under control!

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