Popeye the Sailor Man is the rough and tough comic strip character that we've all come to know and love. Get nostalgic this Halloween by ordering one of our incredible Popeye costumes. These styles are available for both kids and adults, and they'll bring this character out of the comic strip and into your Halloween. Plus, these officially licensed looks will help you look as close to Popeye as possible.

Popeye is the comic strip that was hugely popular during the 1930s. It follows a goofy sailor who has enormous muscles and an equally big personality. Popeye is never seen without a pipe in his mouth, and though he might be short, don't underestimate him! This character is extremely strong which is lucky since he so often has to save his beloved Olive Oyl from two huge brutes known as Bluto and Brutus.

We learned from Popeye that if you want to grow huge muscles, you have to eat tons of spinach. If you have the spinach but not the time to pump your arms up like Popeye's, consider ordering our Popeye costumes instead. These looks are designed as jumpsuits featuring Popeye's sailor uniform. Padding fills in the sleeves to make it look like your arms are just as big as his are. Black anchor designs are also printed on both sleeves to resemble his tattoos.

If you're ready to take on the part of one of the most iconic comic characters of all time, start by picking up one of our Popeye costumes. Just make sure to practice making a squinty eye before heading out in it.

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