Predator Costumes

John McTiernan’s Predator movie is an iconic science fiction film that has left many cringing in fear. You won’t be cringing in fear, however, when you pick up any of our licensed Predator costumes. You’ll have to pounce on these prices like the “predator” you are because they’re so great. While Dutch and the others in the movie fear the unknown Predator, you won’t be afraid of how great this costume is. Have everyone scared at your next party by dressing as one of science fiction’s most beloved (and feared) creatures.

Predator is an iconic science fiction franchise that is just getting ready to scare a new generation of audiences. With 2018 comes the release of a new Predator movie, and there is no better way to gear up for the midnight release with these Predator costumes. Perfect for your next convention cosplay or just for Halloween, there’s no telling how people will react to a life-like headpiece or your life-like jumpsuit costume.

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