Priest Costumes

Priests have remained an iconic symbol throughout religious and modern history. They act as listeners, friends, and wise men for those who need one. Patiently waiting at the other side of confessional are these priest costumes to have everyone acting holy at your next event. Priest costumes are a great way to pay homage to your favorite clergyman. Accessories are available for those who want to put together their own priest costumes and these prices are so great that they might as well be unholy.

We offer different types of crosses for those choosy about what type of priest they want to be this year. Rosary beads and golden crosses are just two of the many types of religious symbols we offer to tie your entire look together. Collars can be purchased for those who already have a near-complete priest costume. Other clergymen costumes are also available. Feeling extra holy? Cardinal costumes and pope costumes are available for those feeling extra religious. Pick any of our priest costumes up today for a look sure to have people praying for a costume as great as yours.

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