Rapunzel Costumes

Get “Tangled” with these great Raunzel costumes and accessories for women and children. One of Disney’s newest princesses provides a spin on the old fairy tale. Stolen from her parents at birth, Rapunzel believes the evil witch who doesn’t let her leave her tower is her mother. She longs to see the lanterns on her birthday, so she sneaks out with Flynn Ryder, an escaped convict. With Flynn, she discovers that she is “The Lost Princess” and finds her family again. Relive the magic of this movie with licensed Disney Rapunzel costumes.

Girls can complete their own fairy tale with Disney licensed accessories, like sparkle shoes, a tiara, and a wand. Wigs are available for children and adults who don’t have yards long hair and need to tie their look together. From braided wigs to long and wavy ones, Rapunzel’s blonde tresses can match how you’re feeling. Bigger skirts and shorter hems create a modern spin on Rapunzel’s long purple dress. Women can add heels to this look for a more eye catching costume that’s sure to turn even Flynn Ryder’s head. Grab your frying pan and pick up one of these amazing Rapunzel costumes today!

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