Red Riding Hood

Wear one of our women's or girl'sLittle Red Riding Hood Costumes for a fun and eye catching outfit for this Halloween. Little Red Riding Hood is a French fairy tale originating back before the 17th Century and popularized through Charles Perrault and Brothers Grimm publications in the 18th and 19th Centuries. The familiar fairy tale follows a young little girl as she leaves the village to visit her grandmother on the other side of the woods. A big, bad wolf spots her as she travels through the forest though and beats her to her grandma's house, where the wolf then proceeds to eat the grandma and the newly arrived Red Riding Hood.

Thanks to a friendly Lumberjack passing by, the two are saved when the wolf's belly is cut open. The characters of Little Red Riding Hood and The Big, Bad Wolf have become absolutely timeless and childhood favorites. The lessons of not trusting strangers and not letting young ones venture too far off by themselves have stuck through the years and provide a valuable subtext for young readers beyond the entertaining tale.

We offer a great collection of Little Red Riding Hood ensembles and we have outfits available and appropriate from little kids to teens to adults. You can get adorable and cute takes on the Little Red Riding Hood outfit or sexy and attractive takes on the character in our Women's section. We also sell a really funny Big Bad Wolf Costume that features a wolf suit with hairy gloves, mask, and tail while wearing his grandmother disguise from when he tries to trick Little Red Riding Hood.

These Little Red Riding Hood costumes are a great way to relive a childhood favorite tale for adults and they make adorable, fun Halloween outfits for little girls.

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