Referee Costumes

Blow your whistle with these amazing referee costumes and accessories for men and women. The referee is the head of any game – they make the rules and call the shots during any sports event. From hockey to football, referees are the most important part of the game and their word is the rule. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you can be this iconic role this Halloween with the classic black and white striped look. From individual to couples costumes, you’ll be calling the shots in this getup.

Women can choose from a variety of referee costumes, as the sexy referee is one that is favorited by many. No rules referee provides a classic look with shorts, while the adult game official costume, sexy cut out referee, and sexy halter referee provide a fabulous spin on this timeless look. Black and white accessories are available for those looking to go the extra yard. And women aren’t the only people who can be referees – men can partake in this costume with a classic had and shirt look or go for the humorous route with the Referee costume for adults. Give out all the penalties at your next party with classic referee costumes.

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