Plus Size Religious Costumes

Christian outfits are crafted for use by churches, religious organizations, parochial schools or other places of worship. On our website you can get women's and men's plus-sized Biblical costumes as well as outfits that you can use for several spiritual functions. Their quality ranges from cost-effective robes to theater production quality bible robes that will last for a long time. This website has the appropriate outfit to put of special productions for Christmas, Easter, and any other events on the Christian or Hebrew calendar. A great number of churches partake in Christmas by staging a live Nativity. Furthermore, Easter pageants and plays are widespread in the spring. In addition we sell a full assortment of religious themed add-ons.

We have several choices of styles in plus size biblical costumes for Christmas including Joseph, Angels, Mary, Shepherds and even the Three Wisemen. Furthermore, we also sell garb for Jesus as well as Romans soldiers, apostles and more. Some examples of women's and men's religious costumes are the plus-sized men's Jesus that features robe with attached shoulder drape crown of thorns wig and beard. In addition, the XL Women's Mary dress is a first-rate selection.

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