Religious Costumes

Throughout the year, churches and parochial schools celebrate many religious holidays by putting on plays and reenactments with cast members in religious costumes. After a sermon or mass, congregants come together to perform these pageant plays. Sometimes only adults perform but many times, it is a production by the Sunday school children, who spend their time learning and rehearsing while their parents attend church services. Biblical costumes are vital to making the play authentic, and for that reason, we carry many biblical and religious costumes for boys, girls, men and women.

These costumes are for every religious holiday including Christmas, Easter and All Saints Day but there is nothing to say you couldn't also wear biblical garb as a Halloween costume. The variety includes Jesus costumes, Mary costumes, shepherd costumes and wise men costumes too. Other outfits important to the telling of biblical stories are Roman soldier costume and angel costume. Contemporary religious costumes include priest and rabbi uniforms as well as nun's habits.

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