Robin Hood Costumes

The iconic hero Robin Hood has been portrayed as a champion of the poor and as a chivalrous, charitable, and honest man. The myth of the prince of thieves and his Merry Men have become timeless and it is still recounted today. Dressing up in one of our many Robin Hood Costumes provides you with a fun and interesting Halloween character and an instantly recognizable costume.

Robin Hood is of course known for 'stealing from the rich and giving to the poor,' his skill in archery, and his resolve to stand up for the common man. From medieval ballads and tales, his story has evolved and survived to modern day, where he has been the focus of many Hollywood interpretations. Dressing up like Robin Hood can be a lot of fun for little kids. His rebellious, yet brave and heroic characteristics make him a perfect character for kids to imagine themselves as. Halloween can be a real thrill this year if your child chooses one of our fantastic Prince of Thieves costumes.

We have Robin Hood themed ensembles for kids and adults and boys and girls alike. We offer a large variety of styles so you can have a unique outfit to them. Our styles vary from more classic storybook iterations with the bright Lincoln green and knit tights look, to more modern styled interpretations. We also sell women's Robin Hood outfits, which include both dress and skirt versions and Maid of Marian costumes. We also sell great accessories like a toy bow and arrow set to help add to this fun look.

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