Russian Costumes

Let's here it for mother Russia! Celebrate any costume occasion in one of our Russian ensembles. These unique outfits will make you look like a true Ruskie for Halloween. We have Men's, Women's and accessories that recreate the clothing worn during traditional ethic celebrations. Each one of these regional clothing is made from the finest material and designed to be true to Russian clothing as possible. You can bet that you'll party like no other when you wear one these outfits to your upcoming costume bash!

The Men's Russian getups are black with red trimming and feature traditional hats and garbs. Our Women's Russian dresses all have a sleek cut and will look gorgeous paired with an Ushanka hat. These Men and Women's garbs can either be sold separately, but can also come as a couples outfit. So you and your druzhok are going a Halloween party together, then we have the perfect outfits for the occasion. Beyond our traditional international ensembles, we also have hilarious attire inspired by the classic drink the White Russian! You can bet to have the time of your life this year dressed in a costume that is inspired by everyone's favorite party drink! Join in on the fun this Halloween with one of these outfits.

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