Sailor Costumes

Aye, Aye Captain! We're got sailor suits for everyone! Boys, girls, men and women can choose from all styles of Navy Sailor costumes for Halloween. The mix of patriotism, history, fashion and entertainment make them fun for many purposes. Halloween, Memorial Day and Fourth of July are always appropriate holidays for Naval outfits. Army, Airforce and Marines uniforms work for these holidays as well.

For girls, Sailor suits are common for dance recitals. The flared skirts with tutu petticoats underneath are cute for tap dance and jazz performances as well as for Halloween. The Classic Sailor Suit for Girls looks just like an outfit from a Shirley Temple movie. Boys will love both our modern day cadet suits and well as our historical naval commander costume. They can create a high seas military adventure, pretending they are commanding a submarine or an air craft carrier.

Women have similar styles with the exception of them being a bit more sexual. Sexy Navy shipmate costumes are a sassy way to display your patriotism. These outfits have nautical details like embroidered gold anchors, epaulets, gold buttons and a boat load of sexuality. They also come in plus size too. Men have several versions of the traditional Sailor Suit with the white pants and shirt with the blue bib, red neck tie and hat. It also comes in blue instead of white.

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