Sexy Saloon Girl Costumes

Way back in the Old West, bars where alcoholic beverages were served were called saloons and barmaids and waitresses were referred to as Saloon Girls. Just like in many bars today, they found that if they dressed sexy, they can sell more drinks and make more money, Therefore, the typical outfit looked more like undergarments than traditional old west dressed. Tavern Girl costumes have tight corsets and lace details. The skirts look more like petticoats or slips and feature pick-ups that reveal a bit of leg.

Another way to draw attention was with color. Black, red, pink and blue were flashy hues for women back then and it really made the cowboys take notice. Saloon Girl costumes come with the essentials such as the corset top and skirt but other accessories can be purchased for your Halloween costume. The lace up boot was the common style for women in the Old West so it makes the perfect complement to your Saloon Girl dress. Likewise, thigh high stocking and garters were always worn so you should add them as well. With all of the pieces of your showgirl outfits in place, a great Halloween is sure to be on tap.

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