Sexy Schoolgirl Costumes

One of the biggest role-play fantasies for men is the sexy schoolgirl. Maybe it reminds them of their high school days, making them feel young and virile. Perhaps they like the idea of being the teacher and having to instruct or punish the student. What ever the case, naughty can be nice because our sexy schoolgirl costumes are both sweet and sexy. Be the teacher's pet in one of our school girl outfits whether it be for Halloween or any time you'd like school to be in session.

Sexy Schoolgirl costumes feature short, pleated plaid skirts, usually paired with white tops. This is the classic private school uniform but brought to a whole new level. Some come with vests or jackets that have faux school emblems or include stockings and hair accessories. Also included in the category are girl scouts and cheerleaders that mimic the same style. You'll be sure to get detention when you slip on your uniform but the pleasure will outweigh punishment.

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