Scream Costumes

Get a creepy costume that’s sure to be a “scream” this year with licensed Scream costumes and accessories for children and adults. Even though the franchise has been around since the nineties, MTV released it’s television series Scream inspired by the movie a few years ago. This has led to Scream making a comeback in pop culture. From the TV version to the movie version, any look you want to be this year is sure to have everyone screaming bloody murder.

If there’s anything you remember from the Scream movies, it’s that the killer may change but the masked killer remains in the same uniform. The ghost face is still recognizable as the scream face today. Leave everyone cowering in fear this year as you wear the mask that killers have worn before you. Looking for a more modern take? The TV scream mask is for you and still has the same horrifying effect. Whether you need just the mask or the whole costume with the black gown, there is no telling how many people you’ll scare this Halloween.

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