Shrek Costumes

You don't have to travel far far away when we have plenty of great Shrek costumes and accessories right here. Shrek is a mean, green ogre who just wants to live peacefully in his swamp until he is forced to go on an adventure to save his home. His character's costume consists of a simple tunic and plaid pants, but there are plenty of other fairytale characters you can dress as. The Gingerbread Man, Princess Fiona, and Donkey are just a few of the most popular options.

Shrek leaves his home in the swamp to protect his home and ends up saving the beautiful Princess Fiona from a dragon. Fiona turns out to have a horrible secret: she turns into an ogre at night! As it turns out, being an ogre is her true form and she learns to love herself as a big green monster. Together they save the land of Far Far Away and live happily ever after in their own ogre way. Once you have selected a character, there are plenty of props that can complete your ensemble. Add items like a Shrek headband or donkey ears for a great way to top off your look. Some characters' designs change throughout the series, so there are tons of options to choose from.

Create a unique fairytale outfit with Shrek costumes and character accessories.

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