Simpsons Costumes

Join America's favorite TV family with one of our Simpson's costumes and cartoon accessories. The Simpsons is the longest running cartoon series in the U.S. and has some of the most recognizable characters around the world. Dress as Homer, Marge, Bart or Lisa for a fun TV outfit. The Simpsons is a TV show about a suburban family of five who get into some crazy hijinx. Bart Simpson is one of the favorite characters with his catchphrases like "Ay caramba" and "Don't have a cow, man." Homer is the head of the household despite his numerous mess-ups at home and at the Springfield nuclear plant where he works.

The Simpson family might be the main characters of the show, but there are plenty of other figures that have shown up over the years. A Duffman uniform can be tons of fun for adults to wear to parties. Try on a Simpsons mask to get a classic cartoon look or go natural and add a few cartoon accessories. A blue beehive wig or prop doughnut can help you create the perfect effect without resorting to unrealistic masks and face paint.

After more than 24 seasons, The Simpsons has sparked video games, movies, toys, and merchandise of all kinds. There aren't many people out there who won't recognize and appreciate a good Simpsons ensemble.

Celebrate Springfield's favorite family with a fun Simpsons costume and accessories.

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