Skeleton Costumes

The human body contains 206 bones. They make up our framework and without a skeleton, we would just be blobs, unable to stand or move. With the exception of seeing an x-ray, the only way to view a skeleton is to see a real one from a formerly living person, a molded model or a Skeleton Costume.

There is a frightening aspect to seeing a skinless frame because we associate it with human remains. Even more so, we envision human remains that have come back to life! At no other time is this more evident than at Halloween. We imagine rotted bony corpses rising from the grave and haunting. What creepy fun!

A true Skeleton costume features a black jumpsuit with white bones printed on it. Some have dimensional bones, some glow in the dark, but either way, the jumpsuit it the classic. The fun comes when you take it and give it personality. Outfits like the Graveyard Groom and Mr. Bone Jangles start with the basic skeleton suit and turn them into living dead entities in tailcoats and top hats.

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