Skin Suit Costumes

You have to be bold and daring to pull off one of our tight skin suit costumes. Are you up for it? These items work great on their own and as an underlay for an outfit with coordinating colors. Plus, most of these designs come in standard one-size-fits-all options for kids and adults, so you'll be able to swap them with friends and family members.

Look throughout our site, and you'll see skin suits in a variety of solid colors and patterns. Our solid colored ones are best if you plan on mixing and matching other accessories or pieces over them as they're the easiest to coordinate. Pick up one of our solid green suits, for instance, and you can wear this under a grape costume, crayon tunic, or leprechaun outfit. Solid colored bodysuits are also a great way of showing off some pride for your favorite sports team by wearing one of their colors to a game. Order one in black or navy blue, and these will conceal you on a dark night to help you pop out on your friends.

You'll also see a huge assortment of skin suit on our site that come with designs already printed on them. We offer one collection that contains the colors and logos of different college football teams. Others, like our line of skinsuits that are printed to look like baseball uniforms, will make you look like you're already wearing a detailed outfit.

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