Slipknot Costumes

Sid, Joey, Mick, Paul and Chris make up the 5 of the 8 members of the thrash metal rock group Slipknot. Their lyrics have dark tones about topics like anger and psychosis, laced with profanity; their sound is driving and heavy. It is for this reason that we sell Slipknot masks and costumes for adults only.

Even more discernible than their sound is their appearance. The band members wear matching costumes with unique masks. Each member of the band has a distinct mask. Though they may alter it slightly for each album release, they essentially remain the same. However, they do have special ones for certain performances. Our licensed and trademarked Slipknot costumes and masks are the most popular and recognized of the bands distinct looks. There are two versions of the costume, one is all black and the other is black and red. All members of the band wear the same outfit. Members wear a mask that hides their real identity. Simply choose your favorite by style or by your favorite Slipknot member. These masks are disturbing and evil which make them an ideal Halloween costume. Even if you have no idea who Slipknot is you will find Slipknot costume a scary and appropriate choice for Halloween. In all, there are two costumes and seven masks from which to choose.

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