Smurfs Costumes

Put together the Smurfiest outfit around this Halloween with our Smurf costumes and cartoon accessories. Adults will remember the original TV show while kids love the latest movie remake of the series. The Smurfs have an iconic character design. Each Smurf has blue skin with white pants and a cap. Papa Smurf wears a red suit to distinguish him from the others. Each Smurf also has his own unique outfit to fit his personality.

For example, Brainy Smurf wears glasses while Hefty Smurf has a tattoo on his arm. You can make your own character by picking out some accessories that match the personality. A Smurfette costume will look great with a blond wig and other Surfs can use items like a vanity mirror, white hat, blue gloves, face paint kits, and shoe covers. The Smurfs live in a tiny village made of mushrooms. They are constantly plagued by the evil Gargamel who wants nothing more than to find out what Smurfs taste like. Luckily, the Smurfs always win out in the end. Since this TV show has been running since 1958, we carry designs for adults and children alike who have fallen in love with these little blue critters.

Show off your love of this classic cartoon with our selection of Smurf costumes and accessories.

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