South Park Costumes

Satire comes in many forms, but juvenile satire never gets old thanks to Comedy Central’s South Park. Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s South Park has been a hit animated satire series since 1997. With 19 seasons under their belts, Stone and Parker have proven that controversial topics seen from the eyes and the minds of 10 year olds can be spoken about openly and honestly. And most importantly, the creators have shown that everyone in pop culture can be made fun and the minds of kids can be equally shocking and entertaining! Between Kenny, Kyle, Stan, and Cartman you will find a favorite character and an amazing costume for Halloween or a comic convention!

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The show is filled with a plethora of interesting characters who you will love or love to hate. Stan Marsh is the reasonable kid with a quirky family and an overactive imagination. Kenny McCormick, the kid from the wrong side of the tracks, may die often but he isn’t easily forgotten. The moral heart of the show is Kyle Broflovski who is always trying to do the right thing during a wrong situation. And let’s not forget the most evil character on the show, Eric Cartman. Cartman is a bully, a bigot, and a manipulative child who isn’t afraid to feed Scott Tenorman parent-filled chili! You’ll never be bored when wearing a costume of Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, or Stan. South Park is, after all, one of the most iconic animated shows in history. This Halloween, pretend you’re living in a tiny, snowy mountain Colorado town and do your best character impressions. You can also dress up as Mr. Hanky, Santa Claus, Chef, Token Black, Mr. Garrison, Randy Marsh, and more. There are an unlimited amount of characters for you to portray. You will have a colorful and fun costume to wear when embodying these mischievous characters.

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