Men's Sports Costumes

You'll be bringing some jock swagger to the party when you wear any of these awesome Halloween costumes! Choosing any of these unique sports outfits is a great way to show off your competitive side and love of the game, whichever one that may be. Additionally, you can wear your pride by rocking your favorite team's classic colors! From licensed pro items to team fan skin suits, out men's sports costumes are a winning score!

Inside this section you'll find athletic themed outfits that range from national pastimes, to famous athletes, teams and some humorous gag sets. You can easily become a legend like Dale Earnhardt Jr or Babe Ruth! Meanwhile, uniforms for practically every sport are here too. There are an assortment of basketball, baseball, soccer, wrestling, racing and golf attire - have we left anything out? Additionally, you can find some goofy sets like inflatable sumo suits, Rodney Dangerfield's classic Caddyshack character, Al Czervik and a comedic looking referee suit! Also, skinsuits, available in a large range of colors are for the real sports fanatics.

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