Star Trek Costumes

Star Trek takes you on intergalactic adventures aboard the Starship Enterprise. With Captain James T. Kirk at the helm, First Officer Spock, Medical Officer McCoy, Chief Engineer Scott, Communications Officer Uhura, weapons Helmsman Sulu and Navigator Chekov keeping a tight ship, the television show went from a three-year series to a empire that is still going strong four decades later.

Star Trek costumes help fuel the Star Trek phenomenon. In addition to making great Halloween costumes, Star Trek uniforms sell throughout the year to Trekkies for Star Wars conventions. As a Trekkie, you live and breathe Star Trek so having a website like Costume Discounters where you can purchase quality, licensed costumes is very important. The selections include Classic Star Trek costumesStar Trek - The Next Generation costumes and Star Trek Movie costumes. Costume colors for men and women are gold, red and blue. In addition, we sell the Deluxe Klingon Costume for men and women, and the Deluxe Nero costume for boys and men. Be sure to add the necessary accessories such as Spock Ears and a Star Trek Phaser to your Star Trek costume purchase.

The major Star Trek Conventions are in Las Vega, New York and San Francisco but there are many Sci-Fi conventions and actor appearances all over the country. Get your Star Trek costume and find an upcoming event near you. Then, you will get to wear your costume again for Halloween to show your friends that you are a big Star Trek fan.

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