Suicide Squad

Watch out Wonder Woman! You are no longer the only one who can fight men and win this year! In a room full of superheros, the only thing better than that is being in a room full of superhero villains. From the blockbuster 2016 hit, these Suicide Squad costumes from Costume SuperCenter will not disappoint. So, whether you recently escaped from Belle Reve, or if you’ve been on the lam for a while, these costumes will make sure you feel just as crazed as The Joker.

So, join the special task force the government made for you and your friends and enjoy terrorizing Gotham for the night.  Group costumes are always the best because each one of you hold something terrifying in your own unique way. Know someone who is afraid of alligators? Well, you better make sure you bring your best bud to the party who is dressing up as your villain friend, Croc!  Maybe your other friend is an El Diablo stan? That face alone can make the manliest of man scream. So, gather up all of your friends and create the best DC Comics party with our Suicide Squad gear. It will be a blast being this evil, but saving America at the same time!

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