Men's Superheroes & Villains Costumes

Get in touch with the hero within with these Men's Superhero Costumes. This selection features all your favorite vigilantes. Find your favorite look by browsing through this exciting assortment of styles.

Superheroes have long inspired the imaginations of kids and adults alike. They are famous for appearing in comics, movies and Saturday morning cartoons. These characters never fail to entertain with their impossible abilities and their ceaseless dedication to justice. They are committed to the fight against violence, theft and criminal activities. Each hero is unique in its abilities and it personality. These characters constantly duke it out the countless supervillains in the universe. Famous evil-doers include Lex Luthor, Venom, Bane, The Joker and General Zod. Take a stand for all that is good with these epic costumes. It's never been easier to become your favorite crime fighter! This selection includes an assortment of officially licensed and generic hero costumes. Featured Marvel and DC outfits include Batman, Superman, Robin, The Comedian, The Flash, Captain America, the Green Hornet, Wolverine, Iron Man, Star-Lord and various Watchmen. You can also find comedy characters like Mr. Incredible, Red Mist, Optimus Prime, Rocky Raccoon, the Power Rangers gang, He-Man, Duffman and Radioactive Man. Embrace your inner crime fighter with any of these awesome outfits!

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