Women's Superheroes & Villains Costumes

Halloween is a holiday all about transforming you into a different person. Take on an alter ego will leave you feeling ready to fight for what’s right in an action-packed battle when you dress up in one of these incredible Women’s Superhero Costumes. The ensembles included in this assortment will allow you to celebrate some of your favorite guardians of the peace.

Superheroes are benevolent defenders of justice. They stand up for what’s right and find themselves constantly working to protect the people. When it comes to comic book heroes, here you’ll find a variety of looks that will allow you to become your favorite Marvel or DC character. For popular heroes, such as Spider-Man and Superman, you’ll discover both traditional variations of their outfits, as well as looks that celebrate their female counterparts, Spider-Girl and Supergirl. Additionally, with the costumes found here you will be able to call out some of film’s most recent break-out heroines, like Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy and Black Widow from The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Of course, with some superheroes, like Batman, the villains have become almost as iconic as the Dark Knight himself. Dress up in some of the garb found in this section and you’ll be able to become one of the character’s bombshell baddies. For instance, with some of these looks you’ll transform into a notorious law-breaker, like Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy. Plus, you’ll also find ensembles that put a femme fatale spin on the outfit of male supervillains, such as the Joker.

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