Teen Boys Costumes

Many boys seem to be the first to grow out of the Halloween tradition of dressing up, but that's because the costume selection is dominated by girls' outfits! The boy costumes for teens are a collection of ensembles especially for the guys.

A big part of this category is superheroes, and lucky for the guys, most of the big-name heroes are male. You'll find Marvel's most famous super guys like Spider-Man, Wolverine from the X-Men, and most of the members of the Avengers team like Captain America and Hulk. On the DC Comics side of the spectrum, names like Batman, Superman, and Arrow (based on Green Arrow) dominate this list. Other pop culture characters can be found here, mostly from top movies. Captain Jack Sparrow has been a top choice over the years from the various Pirates of the Caribbean films and is a great choice for this year. Another smart choice for the video game fans is Master Chief from Microsoft's wildly popular Halo franchise. When characters just aren't what you want for your dream outfit, we have even more. Whimsical pieces like full-body animal suits are simple, effective, and comfortable. Other hilarious bodysuits and tunics will make your friends giggle while our spookier items will make them scream. Utilizing our wide range of accessories in conjunction with some of these looks will expand your options and can make one of these ensembles a creation of your very own.

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