Toy Soldiers

Toy soldiers are a common theme at Christmastime. This is due in part to the movie Babes in Toyland where there is a big scene with the march of the wooden soldiers, and also because of the ballet, The Nutcracker. The nutcracker is a wooden soldier that turns into a prince. The Toy Soldier Christmas costume is modeled after the classic holiday icon, which has a red coat with gold trim and epaulets, white pants with a stripe down the side and a tall soldier hat.

Toy soldiers are seen everywhere at Christmastime. People will put life sized wooden soldiers at their front door to greet their guests. Many others collect wooden nutcrackers to display during the holiday season. They are a common site and easily associated with the holiday. Therefore, if you are looking for a great Christmas costume but you don't want the usual Santa or elf outfit, a toy soldier outfit is a very handsome choice. There are styles available for boys, men and women.

This year, practice your rigid soldier march and be a nutcracker. You can even add a few accessories such as red makeup for your cheeks and a pair of crisp white gloves. We do not sell the rifle but you don't need it. Wear your Christmas toy soldier costume in a parade or pageant. You would make the perfect grand marshal, marching down the street, leading the way for the float that carries Santa Claus.

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