Sexy TV & Movie Character Costumes

Everyone looks great on the silver screen! That bit of Hollywood magic and star quality that celebrities have is something that everyone wants. Television and movie characters are always dazzling, but some are absolutely sexy. With the right sexy TV and movie costumeyou'll be just as jaw dropping as any movie starlet or superherione!

To live in the spotlight like any of those iconic characters do you are going to need to dress the part. If your with a crowd well versed in popular culture then you can try suiting in up in a sexy Halloween costume that'll shows off all the right stuff. You could be trying out some of that pop star flair by dressing in some of the wild costumes of the world's sexiest pop musicians. Or maybe you're with an older crowd and want to wear a sexy little outfits from the past like such as the red Baywatch swimsuit. Either way, look to music, TV and movies for inspiration.

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