Women's TV & Movie Costumes

Transform into your favorite character this Halloween with one of these women's TV / Movie costumes! Whether you're drawn to the silver screen or the smaller one, you're sure to find your ideal costume in this seemingly limitless collection.

Halloween is synonymous with horror. As a result, movies and TV have both been breeding grounds for characters over the years that have ranged from a little spooky to downright terrifying. 1960's programming saw a rise in shows about freaky families like The Addams Family and The Munsters, while modern day has seen frightening thrillers like American Horror Story. Movies have seen horror success in the past with megahits like The Exorcist and more recently with Edward Scissorhands. That's not even taking into account cult classics whose creepy characters are some of the most fun to mimic, such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Beetlejuice. Just because a show or movie is for kids doesn't mean that you can't dress up as one of the characters! You can bring some Sesame Street to your hometown this October or fight crime as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with some of the diverse looks in this collection. These outfits will give you the opportunity to become classic animated characters from shows like the Flintstones or will transform you into your favorite Disney princess. Our selection of sultry styles pull from both TV and film with everything from Austin Powers' Fembots to Baywatch's lifeguard babes. If you feel up to embracing your inner Jessica Rabbit opt for one of our sexy takes on classic cartoon characters, like Betty Boop. Whether your favorite television characters are from shows on the major networks, like 2 Broke Girls, or you're obsessed with streaming-only programs like Orange is the New Black we have something for you. If you're interested in imitating a pop star like Katy Perry or Lady Gaga, would prefer to pay tribute to a favorite actress like Marilyn Monroe, or want to save the world as a courageous superhero, you'll find your look here.

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